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promptfoo caches the results of API calls to LLM providers. This helps save time and cost.

Command line

If you're using the command line, call promptfoo eval with --no-cache to disable the cache, or set { evaluateOptions: { cache: false }} in your config file.

Use promptfoo cache clear command to clear the cache.

Node package

Set EvaluateOptions.cache to false to disable cache:

promptfoo.evaluate(testSuite, {
cache: false,


If you're integrating with jest, mocha, or any other external framework, you'll probably want to set the following for CI:



The cache is configurable through environment variables:

Environment VariableDescriptionDefault Value
PROMPTFOO_CACHE_ENABLEDEnable or disable the cachetrue
PROMPTFOO_CACHE_TYPEdisk or memorymemory if NODE_ENV is test, otherwise disk
PROMPTFOO_CACHE_MAX_FILE_COUNTMaximum number of files in the cache10,000
PROMPTFOO_CACHE_PATHPath to the cache directory~/.promptfoo/cache
PROMPTFOO_CACHE_TTLTime to live for cache entries in seconds14 days
PROMPTFOO_CACHE_MAX_SIZEMaximum size of the cache in bytes10 MB