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Command R vs GPT vs Claude: create your own benchmark

While public benchmarks provide a general sense of capability, the only way to truly understand which model will perform best for your specific application is to run your own custom evaluation.

This guide will show you how to perform a custom benchmark on Cohere's Command-R/Command-R Plus, comparing it to GPT-4 and Claude Opus on the use cases that matter most to you.

The end result is a side-by-side comparison view that looks like this:

cohere vs gpt, cohere vs claude


  • Cohere API key for Command-R
  • OpenAI API key for GPT-4
  • Anthropic API key for Claude Opus
  • Node 18+

Step 1: Initial Setup

Create a new promptfoo project:

npx promptfoo@latest init cohere-benchmark
cd cohere-benchmark

Step 2: Configure the models

Edit promptfooconfig.yaml to specify the models to compare:

- id: cohere:command-r # or command-r-plus
- id: openai:gpt-4-0125-preview
- id: anthropic:messages:claude-3-opus-20240229

Set the API keys:

export COHERE_API_KEY=your_cohere_key
export OPENAI_API_KEY=your_openai_key
export ANTHROPIC_API_KEY=your_anthropic_key

Optionally configure model parameters like temperature and max tokens:

- id: cohere:command-r
temperature: 0
- id: openai:gpt-4-0125-preview
temperature: 0
- id: anthropic:messages:claude-3-opus-20240229
temperature: 0

See Cohere, OpenAI, and Anthropic docs for more detail.

Step 3: Set up prompts

Define the prompt to test. Get creative - this is your chance to see how the models handle queries unique to your application!

For example, let's see how well each model can summarize key points from a legal contract:

- |
Extract the 3 most important clauses from this contract,
and explain each one in plain English:


Step 4: Add test cases

Provide test case inputs and expected outputs to evaluate performance:

- vars:
contract: |
Seller agrees to convey the property located at 123 Main St
to Buyer for a total purchase price of $500,000. Closing to
occur on or before June 30, 2023. Sale is contingent upon
Buyer obtaining financing and the property appraising for
at least the purchase price. Seller to provide a clear
title free of any liens or encumbrances...
- type: llm-rubric
value: |
The summary should cover:
- The purchase price of $500,000
- The closing deadline of June 30, 2023
- The financing and appraisal contingencies
- Seller's responsibility to provide clear title
- type: javascript
value: output.length < 500

Step 5: Run the evaluation

Run the benchmark:

npx promptfoo@latest eval

And view the results:

npx promptfoo@latest view

You'll see the following:

cohere vs gpt, cohere vs claude

Click into a cell to view details on the inference job:

cohere evaluation details


Use the view and the assertion results to make an informed decision about which model will deliver the best experience for your app.

In this specific case, Command-R underperformed, passing only 16.67% of test cases instead of the 50% pass rate from GPT-4 and Claude Opus. It doesn't mean it's a bad model - it just means it may not be the best for this use case.

Of note, Command-R was 5-8 times as fast as Claude Opus and GPT-4 respectively, and it cost much less. Every model brings tradeoffs.

See Getting Started to set up your own local evals and learn more.